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Our history

We strive for quality and beauty from one generation to another.

After a work experience within a lighting industry company, Giuseppe Saccon decides to establish Sillux in 1985. This was the beginning of a long-term, successful business venture in Quarto d’Altino, just a few kilometers far from Venice, the capital of glass blowing.

During almost 40 years of activity, Sillux represented one of the best examples in the lighting industry of how combining high production skills, top-notch raw materials, and fashion design is a winning strategy on the market.
Nowadays, the company sees the second generation at the helm: Giuseppe’s son, Claudio has visited the company workshop since childhood, grasping master glaziers’ skills just by looking at them and marveling at the designers’ ingenuity. That feeling of astonishment inspired him to draw and design some of the most appreciated Sillux product lines: this way, our company entered successfully into the contract industry and started manufacturing unique, amazing chandeliers to be installed in private houses, luxury yachts, and the halls of the classiest hotels in the world.

Following its history of success, passion, quality and beauty, and thanks to its rich past experience, our company looks with confidence towards the future, waiting for the third generation to come.

Our Company

Artisanal manufacturing, creativity, and self-will — the keys to success for Sillux

Sillux was born as a manufacturer of chandeliers and luminaire systems.

From simple yet original consumer products, Sillux switched to searching for an increasingly more refined aesthetics, motivated by the creative input of renowned artists and designers who have been ever more present in the lighting market since the last decades of the 20th century.

The confrontation with key players at trade fairs, the opening up to international markets, and Giuseppe’s great passion for his work encourage the company to make efforts to provide increasingly higher quality standards: this is why we are greatly appreciated by our customers and our sales are thriving.

Our lamps become meaningful designer furnishings made of sophisticated materials, which add an aesthetic appeal to them recalling natural inspirations and urban influences by exotic towns.

The expertise of our design department, the solid know-how of our in-premise artisan workshop, and the ability to find a solution even when a project looks unfeasible allow Sillux to extend its own high-quality, “Made in Italy” products to the B2B market. Our company focuses on manufacturing full lighting systems in a timely and precise manner for different sectors, including hospitality, hotel, and retail industries.

Nowadays, Sillux products give light to all corners of the world and bring warmth, design, and the “Made in Italy” tradition into everyday environments.